Fast, clean, powerful mobile event and ticket management

The StreamTix event management engine has been released, easier to set up and much more intuitive for attendees to book on line.  Features include:

  • You can stipulate the maximum number of attendees, after which the event is reported as sold out and won't accept any more bookings. 

  • You can make any event open to the public, members only or both

  • You can set up any event as seating, tables or both

  • Free and paid events optional

  • All bookings are automatically notified to the particular event organiser

  • The event organiser can manually add bookings

  • You can run attendee reports, reports on who's paid / not paid

  • The system allows sponsor bookings with/without free tickets

  • You can allow block bookings, with or without attendee names

  • Alerts and reminders can be sent to those who have booked, those who have not paid and so on

  • The system generates tax invoices or tax receipts as appropriate

  • Payments go straight into the club's bank account (where clubs are using the standard system payment gateway)

  • The event is automatically publicised on the website, and can be automatically inserted into any members-only or wider distribution newsletter / bulletin

  • Entry tickets can be barcoded

  • Event venues each have their own Google map

  • You can send out email or SMS reminders to all attendees

  • You can allocate members-only discounts and other price-breaks

  • You can create multiple ticket options, with different attributes and pricing

  • You can set up part-day, full day or multi-day events

  • Any event organiser can log in to manage their own event

  • You can create attendee name tags from an exportable attendee database

  • You can have break-out sessions, meal bookings, special diet requests, parking tickets, group ticketing, bar coded entry, transport bookings and other peripheral options

  • Each event can be fully embedded into your existing website

  • Bookings can be made via PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone.

  • Market your event using your own website or create a simple template



Ask the questions, does your current event management platform have all these functions? If not contact us today.